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The Lodge at Bear River

  • Who owns The Lodge at Bear River? The Lodge at Bear River is owned by the Bear River Lodge Community Association and is used for community gatherings and private events.
  • How long do I have use of the facility? Rental of The Lodge at Bear River allows your group access from 9 Am till 12 Pm on the day of the event. You have full access to the lodge the day of your rehearsal starting at 9:00 AM.
  • Can I visit The Lodge at Bear River without an appointment? Since The Lodge at Bear River is in a gated community, you should make an appointment for a tour of the Lodge and its facilities. That will allows us to show you all the facilities, both inside the Lodge and out, that you may use for your celebrations. Any meetings with vendors involved with the event must be prearranged with our Event Host.
  • Are dogs allowed at events? Yes if it is a service dog.
  • What is included with the facility rental? Use of our 2100 square foot Adirondack Lodge with vaulted ceilings, two comfortable seating areas, surrounded by two outdoor terraces (one partially covered). Use of our large outdoor fire pit and massive indoor stone fireplace. A small kitchen for serving food that is fully prepared offsite by a caterer.  Self-catering is an option within designated guidelines.  Ask the Event Host for details. Full service restroom facilities (handicapped accessible), three serving tables and a large buffet table. Beautiful mountain views with a cascading stream below the Lodge. You will have access to the Lodge for both the day of the event and also the full day before the event for vendors to drop off items, setup for the wedding. Use of the Lodge for the rehearsal dinner is also included in the package price. The packages described also includes shuttle parking, basic tables and chairs for the reception, cleaning the day following your event, and day of event facilitation by the Event Host.
  • Is overnight camping allowed? No, but Hot Springs has a number of camping areas.
  • What lodging is nearby? A great source of information about accommodations in the Hot Springs area can be found on www.hotspringsnc.org . There are plenty of accommodations convenient to The Lodge at Bear River, including some that are in the community itself. Talk to the Event Host for more detail. 
  • Do I need to purchase event insurance? Yes, event insurance is designed to protect you the event sponsor, in case of unanticipated problems. Insurance must be purchased from www.wedsafe.com, and proof of insurance must be shared with the Event Host a month before your event. The Lodge must be listed on your policy as being co-insured.
  • Can The Lodge at Bear River furniture be moved? We invite groups to be as creative as they like with our facility. For the most part, we are very flexible with table arrangements, decor, etc. as long as there is no damage to lodge surfaces. Groups must also be responsible for cleanup of their decorations, and the Lodge must be put back into its original shape.  If it becomes necessary for the lodge to take responsibility for putting furniture back in place you will be charged 25.00 an hour per person. Before anything is moved, you need to get approval from the Event Host. If you want large pieces of furniture actually moved out of the lodge for your celebration they must be stored in a covered truck or U Haul (at your expense), and kept within the gated community of Bear River Lodge.
  • Is the facility handicapped accessible? Yes, your guests can be dropped off right at the Lodge's entrance! The driver of the vehicle will be directed to the parking area and shuttled back up to the lodge. The process is reversed to get guests back to their car.
  • Are there restrooms? There are two full service restroom facilities in the Lodge. One restroom is for women only and the second restroom is for men. There is room for a small bridal party to get ready in the woman's bathroom. Both are handicapped accessible.
  • Does the Lodge have A/C or Heat? Yes, the Lodge is heated and cooled for year round event use.
  • What is the back-up plan for rain? The Lodge is always the site for your reception so it will have ample indoor and covered outdoor areas for event day. There are several outdoor areas that may be appropriate for a wedding ceremony, and the backup plan for rain is to move the ceremony inside the Lodge. If the rain plan is necessary you will have to arrange for the manpower for necessary changes in the interior space.
  • Is smoking allowed? Smoking is not allowed inside the Lodge. Receptacles for cigarettes are available outside.
  • How is parking handled? Shuttle parking is provided as part of the standard rental package.
  • What about the rehearsal? You have full access to the Lodge's facilities on the day before your celebration and that includes having the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Lodge. That is included in your wedding package. If you want to have a rehearsal dinner do let the Event Host know in advance.
  • What staff will be available? An Event Host will be available to work with your vendors on the day of the event and the day prior to your special event.
  • The Residential Community Since The Lodge at Bear River is surrounded by a residential community we will ask you to make sure your guests stay within the areas designated for your enjoyment during your event. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children. If guests would like to get a better understanding of what land/home opportunities exist within the development, we would be happy to get them connected to our preferred local Realtor.


  • Can I bring in my own rentals? Rentals of basic tables and chair for your reception are included in your wedding package through Classic Event Rental out of Asheville.  Their whole focus is events so they have a wealth of additional options that can be added to our basic order.  In order to only have one delivery fee, which is included in your package, we would highly suggest that any additional rental items you want come from Classic.
  • What items need to be rented? Other rental items might include additional chairs, high tables, linens, china and glassware, flatware, arbors, etc.
  • If I prefer not to rent china what is the option? Catering companies may provide a more casual option using paper and plastic. You will need to discuss this with the catering companies your evaluating.
  • Am I charged for damaged rentals?  The lodge will be charged for any damage to tables and chairs which we will pass on to you. You would be charged for any items that you rent from Classic.
  • Do I need to rent separate ceremony and reception chairs? ? The Lodge at Bear River provides a group of chairs and tables as part of our wedding packages. If you need more than this, you can make arrangements with the rental company. If tables and chairs need to be moved during your event you can make arrangements with the caterers or your wedding party must take the responsibility for the transfer.

Ceremony and Reception

  • Can you help find us an officiant? Yes, we can suggest officiants that will meet your needs and connect you to them.
  • Do I need a microphone for the ceremony?  For outside ceremonies this is something you might want to consider due to the expanse of the space, and the sound of the stream below. If the voices project it may not be necessary. Within the interior, you will most likely need little to no amplification.  In fact, since The Lodge at Bear River is in a gated residential community, we ask that you be sensitive to the loudness of your music.
  • What is the backup plan for rain? The Lodge is always the site for your reception so it will have ample indoor and covered outdoor areas for wedding day. There are several outdoor areas that are available for the ceremony itself, and the backup plan for rain is to move the ceremony inside the Lodge. If moving things inside becomes necessary you will need to make plans for the manpower to make it happen.
  • Is there a guestbook table? Yes, there are options to have a guestbook table within the Lodge.
  • Is there a cake table? Yes, we include a rectangular table – if you prefer another style table, this can be included in your rental order.
  • Can items be left overnight? Personal items should be picked up by the next day. Any items the rental company brings in will have to go out with them that night including the trash.
  • Who is responsible for set up of tables and chairs?  Your price from the rental of tables and chairs includes set up, delivery and tax. Given that delivery is the Thursday before your event most likely you will not be present. This delivery arrangement assures that everything will be here when you are ready to begin your set up. Classic will have the legs extended on the tables, and chairs stacked for you to place.
  • Who is responsible for clean up? The catering company will leave things in good order, and will take out all their items that night along with the trash. You will need to return the next day to take out items that you brought to the lodge.  You also are also responsible for putting all furniture back in place.  If clean up and furniture placement becomes the responsibility of the lodge you will be charged 25.00 an hour per person to get the job done. Our cleaning folks will take care of general clean up of the lodge during the course of the following week.
  • What items can not be used at the Lodge at Bear River? Any items that would cause substantial additional clean up requirements like rice, silly strings,.. Also no open flames are allowed.
  • When are decorators, cake bakers, photographers, and the wedding party allowed on site? Arrival times will need to be setup with the Event Host for your vendors to arrive during the day before or the day of your celebration. Classic traditionally delivers the Thursday before your wedding or event.
  • Do you provide referral information? Yes, both through the partner page on the website . We are happy to work with you and other vendors you may choose. If you choose to go outside of our partner page for your caterer, we require that they make a site visit.
  • When must the reception be over? The Lodge at Bear River is in a private gated community, and we want to be sensitive to the impact weddings and receptions have on the neighborhood. The reception must be over no later than 11 Pm and there should minimal noise on the outside deck space after 10:30 Pm. You should plan on your vendors, guest and others should have all left the facility by 12:00 Pm. If you have needs that go beyond this, please work to our Event Host, and we will try to accomodate them.
  • What is your cancellation policy? You will be asked to provide a deposit for one half of the venue rental fee at the time of making the reservation. This and all payments must be made in the form of a Cashiers check made out to Bear River Lodge HOA.  If the wedding is cancelled due to an act of God we will be happy to try to reschedule your wedding or return your deposit.
  • What is your damage policy? There is a $500 damage (form of a cashiers check) deposit due to the Event Host one month before the event. If there are damages caused by any guests or vendors during the event, after discussion with you, we will return the balance of your deposit. If the damages exceed the $500 damage deposit your will be responsible for the difference. THIS CHECK WILL BE CASHIED.


  • What type of bartending is allowed? The caterer must provide a licensed bartender and the requisite insurance.
  • Do you check I.D.s? Yes, it is the responsibility of the bartender to check ID's and the responsibility of the wedding party to prevent underage drinking and drinking beyond a reasonable limit. The bartender will have the authority to refuse to serve guests that have consumed too much alcohol and must be supported in this by the wedding party. If this support is not forthcoming then the onsite Event Host will have the right to close the bar. All alcohol must be served through the licensed bartender.
  • What types of alcohol may be used? Only beer, wine and champagne are allowed. Mixed drinks will not be available.
  • Can I limit the amount of alcohol? That would depend on your arrangements with the caterer.
  • When will the bar close ? thirty minutes before the end of the reception.

Catering and Non Alcoholic Beverages

  • Do you have a list of caterers? Yes, we have a number of caterers that are already on our approved list. If you choose to go outside of our partner page for your caterer, they will be required to make a site visit.
  • What non-alcoholic beverages will be available. That needs to be arranged with your caterer.
  • What if extra guests show up? If you are aware that your count is increasing as late as the day of the event, it is imperative that you notify the caterer.  All food will be prepared offsite, so there will only be a specific quantity of food available on site. If your numbers are going to increase, please notify the Event Host. If the increased numbers would put you into a higher cost band for renting the Lodge, there may be an additional charge. The final catering count will also be our count.


  • What types of coordination are available? Event hosting is available and is part of your package. If Event planning is desired there are options on our partner page.
  • What is included in event hosting? Coordinating with vendors the day before and the day of the event making sure that everything they need is in place. The event host also acts as the homeowners association representative.
  • How much does day of event hosting cost? The fee for day of event hosting is already included in the package price.


  • Is there any lodging available for the wedding party or guests in The Lodge at Bear River? While the Lodge itself does not provide lodging, there are several different type of lodging available within the community that range from traditional vacation rentals to a scenic Bed and Breakfast. There are also significant lodging choices available in the Hot Springs area, less than 10 minutes away.
  • How do I find out about those options? Your main contact for all things related to your wedding or event is Callie Wellendorf. Email her at wellendorfcallie@yahoo.com or call her at (847) 809-3098.
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